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Do you want to Volunteer in Bali and use your skills to make a difference?

Search through our extensive database of high qualityethical and sustainable volunteer and internship placements to find the position that matches your skills, needs and personal interest and contact the organisations directly via email or phone.

Saying YES to Volunteer Guide Bali is saying NO to Voluntourism.

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Want to learn Indonesian in a fun, and easy way?

This is your place! Our basic Indonesian video language course  will help you get ready to talk to locals and get the most out of your stay in Bali. With our special volunteer themed videos you will be extra prepared to get started in your volunteer and/or internship position.



  • Ethical and Sustainable volunteering
  • Exciting and meaningful positions
  • Respected and Reputable organisations
  • All organisation are hand-selected according to guidelines.
  • Free Volunteering Abroad
  • Online and Mobile access 24/7
  • Cultural Information
  • Bali Tips and Tricks
  • 10 % discount to Learning Indonesian online in your own timing and speed. 


Volunteer. Contribute. Connect. Bali.

Volunteer at Bali’s best handpicked grass root NGOs that need your skills &

 Dive into the local culture by learning the language! 

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Animal care

Have you got a big heart for dogs, cats and monkeys? Experience in this field even better! You will want to volunteer for these organisations..


Unfortunately not everyone in Bali has access to clean drinking water, and other human necessities. These organisation could use your help..

Practical help

Clean beaches, help out in second hand shops, marketing and promotion. These NGO’s need your practical skills.


Organic Gardening, rice fields, floods, droughts, pollution, beach cleanings: let’s come together and help the beautiful island of Bali.

Social Care

Human rights in a different light: workshops for kids with special needs, fundraising for HIV/AIDS, writers, marketeers, film makers, and editors needed.

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Volunteer Guide Bali followers get all our in-the-know information on the best places to visit when in Bali. Exclusive and sustainable travel tips.



Nobody knows what it is like to be a Balinese more than the Balinese do. Get all the inside information from our Balinese team members. Want to know what to wear to a Balinese ceremony? Or what those offerings mean? On this website you will find all of this and much, much more!

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“I love this concept! Paying to volunteer doesn’t seem right to me anyway..” Tessa D.

“From Australia it’s really hard to tell which organisation is a scam. I have tried to look on all those go abroad websites, but the prices they ask are so high..I don’t understand why?” Jen
“I love this approach, it’s like a lonely planet for NGO’s and volunteer placements, with added information all to help us get ready to be of maximum service..pretty cool!” Matt, 28, USA

“I hope they make this for other countries soon as well!” Keira S.

“Keep it up guys!” Max D.

“I love that they have short term opportunities listed as well. I live in Bali and want to help out, but never quite now where to go…this is easy and very manageable with regards to timing.” Emma J.

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