5 Awesome Things To Do On A Rainy Day in Bali

Rainy Day in Bali

Photo: Jumilla, “Pura Luhur Batukaru” /Flickr

Yep, rain. It’s the downside of living in the tropics: a couple of months each year it’s hot and humid, and it pours – well, at least a couple of hours each day. Fortunate for you, we have made a list for you of things to do between those downpours.

Here it goes:

2. Go see a movie

Depending the area you’re staying going to a movie might not be an easy thing to do. Pay attention to restaurants and bars showing movies once a week. That’s what people used to do in Ubud before it had its own super cool lounge cinema a.k.a. the world’s first organic vegan cinema Paradiso.


Serious lounging in Paradiso Ubud
Serious lounging in Paradiso Ubud

Say what?! Yes, you buy a ticket and receive a voucher to spend the same amount on food and drinks. Ever had a coconut and popcorn while watching a movie? Try it!

In the South of Bali you will find several movie theaters waiting for your arrival on those rainy days!

3. Visit a local museum

These rainy days are good to explore the places you would normally want to skip if you are more of a beach person. Try to go to a museum that is less touristic just to spice things up.

4. Take a class or a workshop

Ever wanted to learn how to wood carve? Or make your own offerings? Learn Balinese dancing or to play the Gambalan (traditional instrument)? Check out the nearest cultural center or library and ask for the next available workshop. You can even through in an Indonesian class if you are really up for it!

Ubud Tip: The Pondok Pekak Libary has daily classes and workshops.

Balinese dancing, by Stefan Magdalinski CC BY 2.0
Balinese dancing, by Stefan Magdalinski CC BY 2.0
Beachwalk Bali
Beachwalk Bali

5. Shop!

…dare we say it? Yes, we dare. After you’re done with all the cultural activities, you might want to indulge in another thing Bali is really good at: malls. In the South of Bali you will find that there are a LOT of really great malls that can entertain you for hours! Two malls you may want to check out are:

Beachwalk Bali– in Kuta (address: Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia )

Seminyak Village Shopping Center (address: Jl. Kayu Jati No.8, Seminyak, Bali).

Volunteer in Bali:

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