About us

About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

Volunteer Guide Bali Team
Lara - Founder
Lara – Founder
Yanthi - presenter language videos
Yanthi – presenter language videos

Our Story

“Volunteer Guide Bali started as a vision to change the way volunteering abroad is done, in 2012. It took me 4 years of experience in Bali to come up with a tangible way of doing just that and The Volunteer Guide- Bali Edition was born. Having a MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology I always choose to put extra emphasis on the cultural aspects of Bali and the importance of understanding the local customs and traditions. And to educate people on the consequences of mainstream Volunteer Programs Abroad and the (unwanted) effects on the communities. There are ways to Volunteer Responsibly and Ethically and I/ we have found them and present them here on this website. Bali, like any other place on this planet is diverse, there are lots of different aspects to it and it is my mission to explain them as clearly as I can, so that everyone who is a Volunteer Guide Member is really prepared and can give their 100% to the organisations.”

Our Team

Ni Made Citrayanthi a.k.a. Yanthi (MA Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) is an energetic and caring Balinese woman who has put her dedication and sparkle into the Language Guide videos here on this website. She is a valuable part of the Volunteer Guide Bali Team and knows how to share her linguistic and cultural knowledge in a way we can all understand!

How does Volunteer Guide Bali work? And why it is so different to other Volunteer Programs? Find out here:

How can I find more information about a placement?

Browse through our website to find all the information you need.

Can you connect me to an organisation?

Nope, you will have to connect with the organisation yourself. Please make sure you include a copy of your CV and a cover letter when you apply. Take this as seriously as you would take any other job application 🙂


We’ve had lots of help and support from awesome contributors as well:

Aryst Freelancer (logo design)

Stephanie Mee (writing and editing)

Putri (moral and ethical support)

Komang (photography)