Learn Indonesian Online


Learn Indonesian Online

Learn Indonesian Online

Learning Indonesian will give you a big advantage

Research shows that volunteers and interns that have prepared themselves before coming into work are more productive and work more effectively. Learning the basics of the local language- in case of volunteering abroad- helps you do that!

When you know the basics, you earn respect and love from the locals, AND you get a better understanding of the local culture and customs! Which makes you more effective and productive. That way, you will actually make a difference with your time, effort and expertise!

Also, some organisations will have knowing basic Indonesian as a requirement.

What will you find in the Language Course?

In our course (which you can find here):

  • over 39 Language videos that will help you learn Indonesian in an easy and convenient way.
  • Exercises that will help you test your knowledge
  • Basic grammar rules and practical pronunciation tips.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access which allows you to work in your own speed at your own time.

All for a fraction of the prize you would pay in a regular institute!

Volunteer Guide members receive a 15% discount to the most easy to use and practical course to learn Indonesian online.

Try it out:

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About the Indonesian Language

There are over 700 living languages spoken in Indonesia. Most of them belong to the ‘Austronesian family” and some of them are Papuan. Indonesian, locally called “Bahasa Indonesia” – Bahasa means language- is a variant of Malay. The language was created with the intention to create a unity within the archipelago making it easier to do commercial trades, administration, and education as well as manage media. The language has borrowed heavily from local languages such as Javanese, Sundanese and Minangkabau, however if you carefully study the language you will also hear influences of Dutch and Portuguese. Most books printed in Indonesia are written in Indonesian. Although Indonesia does not officially recognizes any other language other than Bahasa Indonesia, most Indonesians would still call Indonesian their second language and their local language (for example Balinese, or Javanese) their first.

In Bali you will find Balinese and Indonesian the most widely spoken languages. The majority of Balinese people are bilingual or even tri-lingual. In the touristic areas of Bali you will find that the common language spoken among the local people is Indonesian, this is because there are a lot of migrants –from Java, Lombok, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia- working in those areas as well. English and Chinese are the next common languages.

Learn to speak with the locals by learning Indonesian within your online Language Guide. There you will find over 30 videos to help you get started!

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