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Are you looking to Volunteer in Bali ethically and don’t want to pay extra fees for it? Being a member of Volunteer Guide Bali means saying YES to responsible and ethical Volunteering and NO to the voluntourism sector.

Join us and enjoy 1 year of unlimited access to our membership content, which includes NGO’s, organisations and institutes that need your skills and talents!

For each organisation we tell you about 2 (or more) other ways you can help to support their cause.

You have exclusive access to our members-in-the-know data base of information on where to stay in Bali and where to go which are all based on past volunteer experiences! 

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What other volunteers say about Volunteer Guide Bali:

“Never thought I’d be so happy about a website that offers guidance to Volunteer placements! In the jungle of websites, VGB is clear, honest and to the point!”

“The people behind Volunteer Guide Bali are so dedicated! I love how they understand what it is like to be a volunteer and give all the information you need to find a good placement…for free! Thanks a lot guys!”

“I started out wanting to teach English for 2 weeks, but after I found the Volunteer Guide I realized there is so much more to do in Bali for the different organisations! I ended up helping a local animal care center and use my marketing skills to help them collect more funds…that feels much better!”

Ready to Volunteer Responsibly? Here is your chance:

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  • 40+ Volunteer and Internship placements and growing
  • Bali Cultural Information
  • Visa Information
  • Ultimate Bali Travel Tips
  • Accommodation Tips for 3 main areas in Bali
  • 15% discount on Indonesian Language Course (

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** A percentage of the proceeds go to one of the organisations mentioned in the Guide. We rotate the organisations every 6 months and choose according to the specific needs of the organisations at that particular time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find more information about a placement?

When you are a Volunteer Guide Member or an Ultimate Volunteer Guide Member you get full access to all positions and organisation 🙂

How long does a membership last?

One year.

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