Volunteers needed in Bali, Australia & Phillipines – combat sexual exploitation of kids!

Project Karma is currently looking to fill volunteer and unpaid internship positions in Bali, Australia and the Philippines with the right people.

If you think you have what it takes to join a dedicated and enthusiastic team of current volunteers, you have a passion for helping people, are looking to dedicate your valuable skills to a charity pro bono and you have experience in any or all of the following areas, then we would love to hear from you:
Fundraising for charitable organisations
Social media management
Corporate networking
Event management
All applications can be sent with a cover letter and your resume to info @ projectkarma.org.au
If they think you possess the necessary skills and experience they will be in touch for an interview.

Applications are open to all Australian residents in all states and territories, residents of Bali, Indonesia and in two areas of the Philippines - Manila and the island of Cebu.


What is Project Karma?

Project Karma is a registered Australian charity providing child protection and criminal investigation services both in Australia and in targeted area of South East Asia.

What does Project Karma do and Why?

It is estimated that nearly 2 million children (of which most live in East and South East Asia) are used in the commercial sex trade, where they routinely face sexual and physical violence.

Close to half a billion people still live on $2 per day and UNICEF reports in East and South-East Asia, more than 30 million children are unable to go to school, access basic health care, safe drinking water, a sanitary toilet or adequate nutrition.

With the ease of travelling now and the wide available internet around the world it has become easier and easier for pedophiles and sex offenders to travel to deprived countries and take advantage of the desperate attempts of people who want to live. It is the exploitation of the world's poorest children.

A recent report by a global network of groups against child sex slavery concludes is a "massive human rights violation that is currently going largely unnoticed around the world''.

Project Karma believes that a great amount of exploitation is done by organised crime, which isn't usually focused on because of the danger involved.

How does Project Karma help combat child sex exploitation?

The number of children entering the trade has grown. Efforts to combat this problem have not succeeded despite pouring money into overseas governments".

The focus of Project Karma is to disrupt the Organised Crime networks that create and supply a market of children for sexual exploitation.

Other Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) avoid focusing on Organised Crime for two reasons. Firstly there is a safety risk to employees and secondly, by focusing on the users of the service - Western paedophiles travelling to Asia, NGO’s are able to generate media attention, which attracts and aids continued funding.

Project Karma commends the work of all NGO’s and is currently working with such entities, including UNICEF, to advise of a new global strategy against child sexual exploitation. However, Project Karma is prepared to take the risk and means necessary to disrupt the Criminal Organisations to ultimately change the situation.

Project Karma’s Strategy

  • Target areas of South East Asia where child exploitation is prolific.
  • Establish and train investigation teams to work with local police to catch and prosecute offenders.
  • Assist the provision of safe house facilities, counselling, medical care, legal advocacy and other services to child victims and their families.
  • Partner with police, governments, their networks and other NGO's.

Through this model, they train and mentor local investigator teams, empowering them to become self-funding, self-sustaining and self-directed over a four-year period. They do this because they can then continue to bring their policing and operational expertise to a new group of trainees and leaders operating in a new area every year.

In 2015 they launched in Cebu, Philippines, with expansion into Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and India.

We are happy to see they are growing very quickly and are now in need of Volunteers and Interns to help support this so very important cause!

Check out their website for more information!

photo credits: William Gantz

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