How it works

How it Works

Easy-to-use database of free and low-cost volunteer and internship positions in Bali

Volunteer Guide Bali is an 100% online, mobile accessible, easy-to-use resource for anyone interested in Volunteering in Bali.

In the member areas of the website you will find pre-selected organisations that are looking for skilled (and unskilled) volunteers to help them achieve their vision and mission.

Placements range from practical get-your-hands-dirty jobs, to writing, social media marketing, filming, editing, festivals and much more

You are only 2 short steps away from launching yourself into the life-altering, amazing experience of volunteering in Bali while immersing yourself into Bali life and culture:

1. Find the placement that suits your skills, experience and personal interest and thoroughly read about the organisation, and (visa) requirements

2. Polish up your CV and send it directly to the organisation (find their details under “contact”). As soon as they have accepted your application and give you the “Go”, celebrate, pack your bags and get ready to Volunteer in Bali!


Ultimate Volunteer Guide Experience: Volunteering in Bali is a Life Changing experience. Previous Volunteers have said that the impact you can have is much larger when you know the basics of the Indonesian Language. Which is why we have created an Indonesian Language Course especially for Volunteers and Interns.

It equips you with everything you need to know to connect with the locals and make the impact you truly want!

Volunteer Guide Fans receive a 15% discount on the Indonesian Language Course. Find more information on the course here.

Volunteer Guide

  • 40+ Volunteer and Internship placements and growing
  • Bali Cultural Information
  • Visa Information
  • Ultimate Bali Travel Tips
  • Accommodation Tips for 3 main areas in Bali
  • 15%discount on Indonesian Language Course (

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m coming to Bali soon, can you help me find an organisation?

Yes, we can. As you can see here, we have about 40 volunteer positions listed which you can contact yourself free of charge. However, if you would like us to match you to an organisation we can!

We do charge a matching fee of which 50% needs to be paid upfront and 50% after we have successfully match you. The matching fee is €85,-, of which €45,- needs to be paid as a deposit and €40,- after we have successfully matched you to an organisation.

Please note that we do not offer visa services, nor are we responsible for your accommodation and/or travels to, in and from Bali.

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